1. Artwork for Ben Willis’s EP WAITING ON GOD

    Liz Cowley


  2. Caustics experiment with Danny  

  3. My image for “This is England” exhibition 

  4. Here are some of the first experiments into a new project. More to come very soon. Assisted by Mr. Da5nsy who is a technical Wizard!

  5. da5nsy:

    Physical edit of a photo from a shoot I did for Ellie Mcdonald last year.

    Printed on clear acetate and then transfered with a flash to analog negative b&w photographic paper under water and then scanned and digitally inverted. We tried contact printing but the texture of the paper was too distracting.

    Image recorded yesterday with assistance from Liz Cowley.

  6. Had a day in the darkroom with Danny today :) very exciting!!


    Caustics, digitally coloured, channels separated, layer duplicated, rotated 180°. 

    Source image recorded today with assistance from Liz Cowley.

  7. By Liz Cowley

    People in London.

  8. By Liz Cowley

    A drawing from a trip to the Natural History Museum

  9. By Liz Cowley

    Zebra. A drawing from the Natural History Museum

  10. Self portrait of myself in a bad mood.

  11. By Liz Cowley

    From my last project looking at woman’s sexual repression.

  12. by Liz Cowley


  13. New Project Excitement!! CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK STORY NEEDED!!

    I’ve just started a new module in which I am going to enter the Macmillian Picture Book Competition but I need a story. I have the option of writing my own, using a story that is out of copyright (like a fairytale) or working with a writer. I would really love to work with a writer, and create an original and relavent book with a dark nature. The book needs to be about 32 pages long and aimed for children between the age of dot to 8. If you are interested or know anyone who may be please get them in contact. Would be very much appreciated. Liz x


  14. Just went on a big following spree :)

    just started following 131 illustration related blogs :) looking forward to opening my dashboard that bit more now :D

  15. hermionejg:


    Federico Pietrella

    Artist uses timestamp to create intricate works.

    More can be found at the artist’s website

    [via Beautiful Decay]

    Whoah, this is brilliant.